The Only Difference Between The Easter Bunny And Jesus Is Fur #TNNS278

The Only Difference Between The Easter Bunny And Jesus Is Fur #TNNS278

I had not planned on talking about this on the show, but Jaye Smooth showed up upset and Jamie Mack tells everyone why. We had a “private” conversation about effort behind the scenes. So in the studio the guys decide to give me some of it back. It’s okay. You can laugh at our pain. The topic on everyone’s mind right now is this Cleveland shooter Steve Stephens. We want to talk about social media and it’s part in all of this. Do we censor social media so that no one can ever use it to promote violence? Or is it more important to preserve the ability for content creators to be able to stream live impromptu?

One of our friends opened a restaurant over the weekend and had a wonderful grand opening day. Behind the counter, he has most of his family working. Jaye Smooth wants to know if we would be willing to hire family members considering the personal things that get brought from home. Do you have that one family member that you can’t trust near the money? Jaye Smooth does.

Last Jamie Mack was disturbed when he saw a local church having an easter egg hunt. He wants separation of church and fake. He feels like it is inappropriate for a church to use the iconic easter bunny to get kids interested in the day. Jaye Smooth reveals how little he knows about the resurrection story. I feel like they are both fake. So why does it matter if they hunt eggs or not.

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