God Created Gay People And They Refuse To Procreate #TNNS273

God Created Gay People And They Refuse To Procreate #TNNS273

Jaye Smooth can’t keep his hands to himself. With our new setup, I am sitting on a couch with Jaye Smooth and he thinks it’s funny to act homobromo. Reggy has never seen this side of him and now is second guessing his choice of mentor.

On to the show, Jamie Mack is scared of population control? Is there really a shadow entity that is trying to keep our numbers down? Of course there is. Jamie Mack saw a YouTube video of a man exposing the cereal companies for adding TSP to cereal. In an age where cancer grows on trees, police arrest marijuana users, and chemicals are added to our tap water, what could you possibly expect? Reggy thinks that population control is built into our existence already. He thinks that gay people are part of population control. How dare they get a life and be unwilling to create one? 

Jaye Smooth Battles Reggy in No Nonsense Trivia

Jamie Mack has no trust issues, but he knows that everyone else does. We have a hard time getting to this topic because Jaye Smooth wants to talk about how his disability is the cause for him being so short. If you have listened to the show before, you know what that disability is.

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