Your Wife Is Really Smart And Has A Nice Vagina Print #TNNS271

Your Wife Is Really Smart And Has A Nice Vagina Print #TNNS271

Jaye Smooth starts the show off with continued interest in sex with a midget. This recurring theme is becoming the norm. I may need to change the show description to philosopher, ADD sufferer, and midget obsessed hosts. Jaye Smooth subliminally threatens to be gay again. So basically, a normal Friday full of Overcompensating love for women to hide that you are gay, dead beat dads, kissing and hugging men, bubble guts, and finger banging with a finger rubber.

I want to know how my cohosts feel about the saving to spending it all balance in life. I tend to lean towards spending it all. I have one life and I should enjoy it. I have never seen a person have fun saving. 

Nathan Nice joins us as a trivia proctor. Jaye Smooth and I battle it out. We will see if I am as good at regular trivia as I am at music trivia.

Jamie Mack wants to know what our limits are for having someone admire our woman. Can we accept a compliment bout her booty? What about her brain? We challenge Jaye Smooth's commitment to security. Can you trust you homeboy even if he thinks your wife is fine?

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