B Honest Is Attractive But I’m Not Attracted To Him #TNNS218

B Honest Is Attractive But I’m Not Attracted To Him #TNNS218

Jaye Smooth has a personal vendetta against people that get mad at him for ignoring their text messages or calls. He feels that it is fine for him to see your text and recognize that it may be important, and still just ignore it because he pays the bill.

Ironically, Jaye Smooth receives a call in the middle of explaining his topic. He pretends it is an emergency and excuses himself from the show. So when he gets back, we steer away from his topic as punishment. 

This may be the final Music trivia segment. Jaye Smooth has consistently shown that he has no knowledge of music. He promised me that if I chose songs from the 90s and older, he would certainly get them. Guess what happened?

We all know that women always speak in codes. Britt Renae’s topic submission is no different. She wants to know if you can say someone is attractive and not be attracted to them. Sounds like woman-speak for “do you wanna have sex with that bitch you are looking at?” Jays Smooth brings the knowledge on this one. But not before Jamie Mack almost kills him with the mic cord. Mack also exposes Jaye for thinking that I am attractive and therefore must be attracted to me.

Lastly, we answer listener questions for the show. Always fun. Always entertaining. 

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