Ghosts Hate Hotels, Furniture, And Scary Black People #TNNS210

Ghosts Hate Hotels, Furniture, And Scary Black People #TNNS210

Jamie Wants to talk about petty creatures. He attacks the usual suspect. I make sure everybody has our ticket for the coon train. Jamie Mack is the conductor and he isn't stopping anytime soon. He rants about the pettiness he has experienced. Don’t fear though. Jays Smooth swoops in and capes for the fairer sex. 

Believe it or not, many of the people you interact with everyday believe in ghosts. Yeah, I know what you are thinking…Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Boogie Man, and Jesus. Either way, we have listeners call in and tell us their ghost stories. Why is it that ghosts only haunt boring places? If I were a ghost I would not waste time haunting people. I would do fun things. Visit places I never got to see while living. Jamie Mack believes in it all and his proof is a new kid on the block called the Hollywood Medium. Surprisingly, Jaye Smooth’s country ass doesn't believe in ghosts. Everybody knows about the real ghosts of Mississippi.

Jays Smooth wants to end the show proving once and for all that his homophobia spikes when we have guests that tease his inner walnut. Considering the last show’s guest made him uncomfortable about his bi-curiosity, he has to go extra hard on this show to prove he doesn’t like gay people. Luckily me and Jaye Mack are the voices of reason.

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