Men Already Know Everything About Sex #TNNS209


Men Already Know Everything About Sex #TNNS209 with Honey B Morrison

Mary Honey B Morrison joins the show to talk about everything that men have wrong about sex. No really…we have a great time talking about everything from the longest sex sessions to dating women who have slept with more than 100 men.

Honey B has written several books about sex and puts on sexually related events…So we may take her word for some of this stuff. We want to know how she prioritizes sex and why women are so inhibited. If you are in the Atlanta area, you should come out to her event: She is teaching women how to Date Like A Mistress. And we fully support her.

Next we discuss one of our listener questions about whether or not it is a good idea to adopt your girlfriend or wife’s kid. Are there guidelines? Is it okay to step on the biological toes? Of course the kid will benefit, but at what cost? And what happens if you divorce your lady and get caught on the hook as the kids legal father? As Jaye Smooth says…Chissup is in full effect.

Before we get out of here, we respond to listener voicemails.

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