O Dubb Is Just Like Jaye Smooth #TNNS198

O Dubb Is Just Like Jaye Smooth #TNNS198

Jaye Smooth wants to know if there was ever a time when we were being faithful and our women thought that we weren't. This quickly falls into a debate about whether or not O Dubb and Jaye Smooth are the same when dealing with women. You have to see some similarities. Nonetheless, they do agree on one thing...ALL WOMEN CHEAT! According to them, this includes my wife and Jamie Mack's wife.

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth battle in No Nonsense Trivia questions submitted by NJB.

This week our participation topic is: What makes us jealous. We allowed our listeners to chime in on what makes them jealous as well. Along the way we learn that a woman's jealousy has less weight than a man's jealousy.

Putting ourselves into the listeners position, we discuss how we would feel if our girl listened to our show (and we weren't the hosts). Mixed feelings about what type of women would listen to this show come out. I personally feel like our show is the best one going. Anyone who listens to our show is better for it. So we encourage every man to let their woman listen in complete comfort that we are going to take good care of them.

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