White Women Are Just Freakier #TNNS201

White Women Are Just Freakier #TNNS201 with Geechee Girl and Mr Gates

We talk with Mr Gates from the Haterazzi Radio Showabout the sensitivity police and the importance of trolls on social media. Can you imagine a world where these soft ass sensitive people ran free with no one to make them feel uncomfortable? I can’t. I plan to continue trolling and from our interview with Mr Gates, I am sure he will continue too.

Jaye Smooth met a transexual at Marshall’s today. While trying to determine if she had a good body or not, he noticed that the transexual was drinking out of a bottle as opposed to a glass. Jaye Smooth believes that ladies should drink out of glasses. We dive into this to allow Jaye Smooth to give us his drinking etiquette.

Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about whether or not black women have finally caught up with white women when it comes to freak nastiness. This is the kind of conversation that quickly flies off the rails around here. There is no reason for me to try and explain. Just listen…

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