Jaye Smooth Is The Best Worst Friend Ever #TNNS199

Jaye Smooth Is The Best Worst Friend Ever #TNNS199 with guest JB

JB is back on the show to talk about crooked cops and how they should be dealt with. Not on some kill em all type situation…But something needs to be done. Meanwhile Jamie Mack wants to clear up all of the confusion and frustration that made him public enemy number one. We take one more serious segment to look at the world and how we fit into it.

Now back to the Nonsense…Jamie Mack wants to know if it is possible to be a really good friend to someone and also be a really bad friend to them at the same time. This sends Jaye Smooth into a rage about everything he hates about Jamie Mack. In the middle of its all, he admits that he is a little snobby when it comes to who he will accept as a friend. In fact, he refuses to have ugly male friends.

Lastly, Jaye Smooth submitted quite a few topics at the last minute this week. Because we know how quickly those go by, we decided to do a few at once. We talk about Russell Wilson kissing Ciara’s baby in the mouth, Naturals vs. Perms, Money shots vs. Teabagging, having sex at your bachelor party,and the list goes on.

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