Plastic Surgery, The Official Uniform For…#TNNS193

Plastic Surgery, The Official Uniform For…#TNNS193


Jaye Smooth gets confused at the beginning of the show. He can’t remember his topic so me and Mack waste a little time talking about what NBA actually stands for (Negroes Be Actin).

Finally Jaye Smooth collects himself and presents the scenario of someone being slipped a pill. Imagine that you are out on a date and see another couple sitting a table or two away. When the woman gets up to go to the restroom, the man drops a pill in her drink. Jaye wants to know what we would do in this situation.

Jamie Mack is willing to get plastic surgery if there were a guarantee that he could be famous afterwards. Most people today would get surgery to just fit in. But how can you justify this when the surgery gets old or the implant has to be removed? It was all for nothing. On the other hand, if you did a good enough job, you could be a Kardashian. 

Garbage men have a uniform, Firemen have a uniform, even McDonald’s has a uniform. So why do you expect a THOT not to have one? Of course they do. It is plastic surgery.

Jamie Mack reveals that he has lots of Ecoli on his phone. He never takes a sit down without gaming. He wants to know how we pass the time. I recount my episode with a suppository. Be prepared for lots of dookie talk.

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