We Cheat Because That Is What Men Do #TNNS172

We Cheat Because That Is What Men Do #TNNS172

  • Jaye Smooth had a bad day
  • Emotional vs Physical Cheating
  • Give up the guns

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about his day at work. Obviously this segment will not have legs. But I encourage you to listen if only to hear us torture him. It turns out he just wants to belittle a guy that he is helping train at his job. He goes down the list of every fault this guy has. Jamie Mack breaks in to ask Odell A question about last week’s fetish sex he was having. We want to know the logistics of his anal excrement sex. Jaye Smooth gives up and allows us to move to the next topic.

Next we talk about cheating emotionally vs cheating physically. Is there a difference? Jaye Smooth thinks that women are emotional cheaters and men are physical cheaters...simple and plain. Odell thinks that there is nothing emotional about his cheating. Jamie Mack thinks that there is emotion before physical and that anyone who cheats does so out of insecurity. I think that all sex is emotional. So basically we have an argument about the argument.

Lastly, Jamie Mack has given up guns. One trip to his local pawn shop and now his house is arsenal free. Well not completely free…He bought a crossbow. But anyway, he wants to discuss whether or not buying or owning a gun is premeditated murder. Later we find out that he means this in a spiritual sense. We also ask if it is okay to carry a gun out in public. Would that be more or less premeditated?

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