Helping Your Woman Dump You #TNNS164

Helping Your Woman Dump You #TNNS164 with O Dub

  • Don't ask what kind of meat these ribs are
  • Helping your woman dump you
  • Tasing Jamie Mack

So an Ethiopian woman killed her allegedly abusive husband and then ate his body parts as punishment? Jamie Mack’s wife sent him this article for some reason. Possibly she is trying to move us away from our conversation about moving to Africa and developing 3 families worth of sister wives. I am actually beginning to feel the same way because of a documentary I saw about the land of multiple wives. If this place was so good, why would people be doing so much to escape? Don’t worry, we aren’t giving up on sister wives. We are just refocusing on The Americas.

Next we discuss helping your woman get fine with lap band surgery and then getting dropped by her. Whose fault is this really? You provided her with the surgery, but you had to get something out of it. lets take stock and see if it was worth it in the end.

O Dub is living proof that it can work the other way around. He has figured out a way to get people to support his lifestyle. 

Last Jaye Smooth wants to rip up the peace treaty and go at Jamie Mack’s neck again. This time he masterfully disguises his topic for a plan to use a taser on Mack while he is washing his hands. Then he plans to run and stun gun him in his neck. Jamie Mack reveals that he truly does want to punch Smooth in his face. He just wants to beat him up once so that Smooth can forever remember the beating and stay in his place. Who are you picking?

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