Dry Snitching Like Jaye Smooth #TNNS170

Dry Snitching Like Jaye Smooth #TNNS170 with guests, O Dubb and Odell

  • Celebrity Chefs
  • No stitches for this snitch
  • Jaye Smooth intervention

Jamie Mack wants to show his disgust for celebrity restaurants on this episode. Gladys Knight's Chicken house got a very low score in Atlanta. But this weekend he went to Scales, T.I.'s restaurant and lounge. The service was quite possibly the worst he has ever had. They almost got either baptized in a fight or arrested.

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth battle it out in the worst No Nonsense Trivia this year. 

Jaye Smooth Plays hero and snitches on a guy dressed in fatigues. Did I mention that he executed this plan while his young daughter was sitting in the car next to him? Some snitches don't deserve stitches. This guy is one of them...if only to save his daughter from his stupidity.

Last we try to host an intervention for Jaye Smooth. He seems to never have time for anything show related. We try to give him back a couple of hours of his everyday life. It doesn't work and the segment is short lived.

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