I’ll Trade You My Herpes 2 For Your Herpes 1 #TNNS165

I’ll Trade You My Herpes 2 For Your Herpes 1 #TNNS165 with O Dubb

  • Pick an STD, any STD
  • Selling life
  • Multitasking girlfriends

If you had to have an STD for the rest of your life, which would you pick? With all of the bumpy, burning, flaking, crawling, itching, dripping choices, O Dubb immediately chooses herpes. The rest of us aren’t so sure. Just think if you are with someone. They will have the same thing too. What would you be willing to go down on? 

For some reason O Dubb thinks it is okay to have sex with herpetic women between outbreaks. We have to educate him on how herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2 only differ by location. 

Next we discuss what a year of our lives is worth. We sit in up to an hour and a half of morning commute to bunch into a fluorescent lit cubicle, doing the boss man’s bidding. Then spend up to an hour and a half in traffic to get home. Where does it end? And for what price? I guarantee the amount doesn't match the number you told me at first. So what are you going to do about that?

Finally, how many women have you dated at one time? One woman is more than enough. Sometimes one is too many. O Dubb and Jaye Smooth carefully teach us the art of being a player. Multitasking is in effect. Of course, I can’t resist preaching about what it takes to have a fulfilling marriage, relationship, and life. Nobody is listening.

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