No Touching Or Eye Contact When Running A Train #TNNS156

No Touching Or Eye Contact When Running A Train #TNNS156 with Dino Red

  • Keep your hall pass
  • Threesome or Train
  • Beyonce hate
  • Cry to keep her

BTG calls in with a question. If our wives or girlfriends gave us a pass to have sex with a woman that we found attractive, would we fall for the bait. I don’t think anyone is silly enough to fall for this one. I think that if your woman stays with you, you will have permanent couch duty. Dino Red from the Shiznit Show joins us to talk about this topic. Oddly enough the listener who asked us this question heard about us from Dino’s show. Check him out here:

Jaye Smooth educates us on why he has never had a threesome. Technically a threesome involves three people. But Jaye Smooth is uncomfortable because his threesome was with a woman and two guys. He can’t or won’t admit to looking at the other guy’s genitals. 

Next Mack wants to talk about why black people are so in love with Beyonce. What about her is so much better than the other female singers out right now? For some reason Mack thought I was a part of the BeeHive. Mack thinks it is his lone duty to keep balance in the world by hating on Beyonce. Plus even though she says something about not being in the illuminati, isn't that just more proof that she is part of it?

Mack finally knows why they use rappers and celebrities as influencers for the masses. If they love Beyonce this much, why not allow her to lead your cattle?

Jaye Smooth will pretty much do anything to keep his woman. He will lie and cry. Seriously, he cried to keep a woman one time and wants to tell us the story. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little water works every now and then. It is okay to cry. But don’t be a cryer. 

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