Does A Handy From A Butch Lesbian Count #TNNS155

Does A Handy From A Butch Lesbian Count #TNNS155 with guest, Pok

  • No coming back from gay
  • Crazy things on the clock
  • Don't Knock Knock at my door

Jamie Mack wants to know what happens when a gay person slips up and has sex with the opposite sex. Are they now bisexual? Somehow this travels to being in a wreck and needing your friend to hold you while you urinate. Then without effort jumps back to prison gay and what we would be willing to do to survive. 

Next we discuss the craziest thing we have done at work. I guess I have always been vanilla when it comes to work places. I just never wanted that type of trouble. But I can't say the same for my cohosts or the guest. If these companies only knew the types of things we do on the clock, everyone would be a micromanager.

Knock Knock, a C movie at best is, the theme for our last segment where we discuss the highly unlikely scenario of two really attractive women knocking on your door late at night to have wild sex with you. This would never happen in real life. And if it did, I wouldn't trust it for a second. Where I am from, this is the sure sign of a setup. 

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