Jaye Smooth Would Touch A Wiener For Base Pay #TNNS242

Jaye Smooth Would Touch A Wiener For Base Pay #TNNS242

Jaye Smooth wants to start off this show with one of his topics. Unfortunately, he forgets that he wanted to. It took us 15 minutes to actually get to his topic. Better for you because he didn't have much to talk about. Basically whether or not we would want to die fast or suffer. Who picks suffer? Either way, we coerce Smooth a little farther out of the closet as he admits that he would touch male genitals if it were part of his job.

Baylor The Great joins us for our music trivia segment. I bow out of this one to allow other people to win.

Philosophical doctrine is not something you want to hear from our show. So what? Today we are discussing Utilitarianism. First we have to get Jaye Smooth to pronounce it correctly. But then we unpack sacrificing the few for the greater good. Will I be able to convert Jamie Mack to the dark side?

As usual on Friday, we allow our listeners to Question-The-Nonsense.

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