Getting A Title Loan To Buy Xmas Gifts TNNS#241

Getting A Title Loan To Buy Xmas Gifts TNNS#241

Telling a white lie is an age old practice and Jamie Mack wants to bait me into admitting that sometimes it is okay to lie. So granted, there are some times when you need to lie to protect someone’s feelings. Or maybe you are throwing a surprise party and lie to make it work. What about if you mistakenly kill your kids puppy? Gotta lie about that. This dude thinks it is okay for a woman with an STD to lie as long as she is in the ending stages of the disease.

Brit-Renae joins us to battle us in the music trivia. 

Elana Kinsey from Back 2 Basics Financial Consulting joins us to talk about the many christmas spending mistakes that we make. With the average person spending $830 on gifts this year, we have to do better. Elana is here to help. She lists things that we can do to tighten up our budget and make it to next year in the black.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about dumping someone during the holidays. Get ready for a exciting ride into topic less topics. He stretches that sentence out for 25 minutes. Luckily Me and Mack are here to make it interesting.

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