Pants, The 2nd Best Place For Ejaculation #TNNS248

Pants, The 2nd Best Place For Ejaculation #TNNS248

Jamie Mack is obviously wearing the best jeans money can buy. He admits to having a history of ejaculating in his pants on more than one occasion. Full on orgasm as an adult. Jaye Smooth has had several women grind on him bringing him to full climax without skin to skin contact. I guess I am the only one who needs human interaction to reach my full potential. 

Apparently women are doing something in their underwear also. Or at least what we see in their underwear on laundry day make sue believe this. Yuck!

Is it okay for your daughter's boyfriend's mother to buy your daughter underwear for her birthday?

Jaye Smooth has been dealing with women that are chasing their younger years. At what age should a woman put up the young girl underwear and act her age? Jaye Smooth gets really upset with me for proving him wrong about women’s lingerie.

Kit Honest joins us for No Nonsense trivia.

We answer our weekly Question The Nonsense questions. 

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