Black People Will Do Anything For A Free Meal #TNNS238

Black People Will Do Anything For A Free Meal #TNNS238

Happy Thanksgiving, Nonsense family. We hope you had a great day and your family didn’t embarrass you in front of the co-workers you decided to invite. Jaye Smooth has some positivity to spread you way this year.

Jamie Mack is not sure how he feels about people grieving for too long about lost loved ones. How insensitive, Jamie Mack. Let people go through their process on their own time. How long do you give someone to get back to normal? A month? 6 months? Do you have a limit to how bad they can treat you during their mourning period?

I witnessed a disgruntled black woman at Panda Express obviously trying to get some free food. Why is it so important for some people to get free stuff? What kind of life is that? Always causing drama everywhere you go? The meal couldn’t be enjoyable after all of that JS. I am blindsided by my co-hosts who would show their butts to get free food also. Get it together black people.

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