Jaye Smooth Likes My Pecs #TNNS237

Jaye Smooth Likes My Pecs #TNNS237

Jamie Mack is wearing skinny jeans now. And just like the guy that jumped out at me in Wal-Mart, he is walking around forcing people to see his print. He wants to know if we have ever had as much sexual enjoyment wearing a pair of pants as he has. 

Jaye Smooth hasn’t worn pants that make him feel sexy but he has had milk in a bag before. His class was special so they wouldn’t let them have any items with sharp edges. He is adamant about showing us his progression to the new Jaye Smooth. You have serially come a long way from the Special Education class.

Next we introduce a new segment. By popular demand, we wanted to include a competition including music. The best way to explain this is karaoke trivia. One persons gets a song and the lyrics. They have to get the tother two to guess which song they are singing. The first person to 5 wins. Wait until you hear this singing.

Jaye Smooth has a topic about a new law that is working its way through our state congress. Yep. In other words this is another short topic. Jaye Smooth has no idea what the hell he is talking about. But this was far more ambitious than most topics he comes up with.

One of Slack listeners wants to present the scenario of finding out your wife had done porno prior to you guys getting married. Would you want to see it? Would you stay with her? Ego checkin full effect. Jamie Mack uses this time to grind an axe about some of his statements from last week. The definition of a woman is redefined. 

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