They Are Not Going To Let You Into Canada #TNNS235

They Are Not Going To Let You Into Canada #TNNS235

Where are all of the people that promised to move if Trump Won? Please get your stuff and meet me downstairs. I am taking you to the bus station. Even though I didn't want Trump to win. Even though we try to stay away from current events on most shows…We cannot allow the election to pass by without at least hearing Jaye Smooth teach us how the Electorial College (this is pretty much the same thing as the Electoral College, but Jaye Smooth is country as hell).   Baylor the Great calls in to give the listeners a pat on the back that everything will be okay. So you mean we aren’t all going to be slaves again? Thanks, Baylor.

What would a No Nonsense Show be without a Jaye Smooth topic that has no legs. Initially he wants to talk about Cuddling season. Then he transitions the conversation to lonely women. Well, not actually. In fact he has no idea what his topic is. Jaye Smooth presents The Evolution Of A Topic!

Last, should you spoil all of the fantasy creatures in your kids life? Take a pick: Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa, Jesus. Eventually everyone finds out that all of these characters are not real. But as parents should we spoil this early in the children’s life?

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