With Friends Like You, And Keep Your Enemies Closer #TNNS230

With Friends Like You, And Keep Your Enemies Closer #TNNS230

Jaye Smooth is back with the tequila shots. He decided to preemptively take a shot before the show. No we will not include that in your drinking game shots. He ends up taking 5 shots before and during this show. But like Tuesday's show, he is a much better host when he is drunk.

Finally we get to our first topic. Why the hell are Jaye Smooth and I still friends? Maybe we need to audit this friendship and make sure we should still be friends. I allow him to make a case for himself. Light skin? Good dads? We both like women? What keeps us close?

Next, Jaye Smooth is considering going to a psychiatrist...or nut doctor is how he describes it. Other than electrical shock, this may be the only way in which he can be cured. He really seems like he genuinely wants to make a change for the better. Maturity is just around the corner. Maybe two or three corners.

Before we get out of here, we answer our Question-The-Nonsense submissions. Listeners, send in your questions either on the website or through the slack room. 

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