For A Good Orgasm, She Will Sweat That Weave Out #TNNS148

For A Good Orgasm, She Will Sweat That Weave Out #TNNS148 with guests Sharon, Peaches, and Cream

  • Begging for Burger King
  • Side Chick Life
  • Hair raising orgasms

During a lunch break last week, I had the misfortune of experiencing an open application day at Burger King. Coincidentally, I was sitting right next to the booth that they were carrying on job interviews. I sat amazed at how extremely grown people were willing to completely lower themselves and beg for this job. Whether it was an older guy with another job; a 40 year old woman with a  face tattoo; a young ambitious shift manager; or The parking lot attendant…They all started high and dropped down very low to accommodate the opportunity to be treated like crap enough to get this job.What really broke my heart is that eventually someone asked about the pay. I was blown away that this was all for $7.25/hr. My advice, stop complaining about your job. I am sure you make a lot more and probably do a lot less.

We then ask our female guests why they think it is easier for a woman to accept a cheating man. Sharon justifies her thug by beating up the wife of a man she was side-chicking for. This takes us to our voicemail from a listener who wants to know what we think about side chicks. We try to express how much side chicks are winning but our thuggish Brit will have none of that.

Jaye Smooth wants to know why it is such a big deal for women to keep their hair fresh during sex. He must not be paying attention as all of our guests are mixed with something. They all have “good hair” and are willing to sweat it all out for a good orgasm. What is Jaye Smooth doing wrong? Both Jamie Mack and I have no problems getting women to mess their hair up. 


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