Tell Me What You Got And I Will Tell You If We Can Still Smash #TNNS111

Tell Me What You Got And I Will Tell You If We Can Still Smash #TNNS111

  • Felony AIDS
  • Sex with a disease
  • Cut off the peen to save your life
  • Facebook is full of idiots

Jaye Smooth starts the show off talking about the man who is spreading AIDS around to unsuspecting women. Jaye Smooth looks up information about all of the cases like this. Apparently, this type of thing is happening more than we know. It is most definitely a felony to not tell someone about your positive status. So get tested and let people know.

Is it possible to remain sexually active after having a disease? Are you willing to have sex with someone if their disease is not so bad? Or similar to yours?

Would you be willing to have your penis removed to save yourself from a potentially life threatening heart condition? 

Next we discuss getting with a new-found good girl. She was ratchet back in the day and a free lover. Now she wants to be a good girl for me. Hecky Naw! Is it fair for her to get born again right before our relationship? 

Also do women judge a guy’s attractiveness differently when the dude is a celebrity or has status? Of course they do.

Last we discuss idiots on Facebook. If you have ever cried from a Facebook video with a positive message only to learn that it was really an ad…and you still cried…You are an a-hole.