The New Tolerance Agenda Does Not Tolerate The Intolerant #TNNS116

The New Tolerance Agenda Does Not Tolerate The Intolerant #TNNS116 with guest JC

  • Ahmed the bomb maker
  • Meek can't stop losing
  • No Nonsense Trivia
  • Waka Flaka going down in Flames
  • Beautifully Covered

Jamie Mack starts the show off talking about Ahmed and his clock bomb. How many apple pie eating Americans, would not have reported this clock as a suspicious item? Now honestly, most people would not have arrested this kid. But it definitely deserved to have police investigate. No offense to anyone of faith, but it wouldn't matter if it were a christian. I am calling the police on this one.

Next we talk about how Meek Mill is still taking Ls. He dissed Drake and then made a off hand comment about Future. So they teamed up and created an entire mixtape in spite of Meek. More wins for the light skin crew.

Next Jamie Mack goes against Jaye Smooth in No Nonsense Trivia. Since there has been a long break, maybe Jaye Smooth will win…..

Next we talk about the two young men in Georgia that attempted to kill their parents. Even after doing all of this the parents appeared on the news stating that they forgive their kids. We discuss whether or not this is reality. Is it possible to let this type of thing go? 'God Has Done Miraculous Healing': Parents Forgive Sons Who Tried to Kill Them

Waka Flaka is in the news now being bashed by the new media agenda to strike out on anyone that does not allow anyone to have a negative opinion about anyone that fits the agenda. Is it okay to preach tolerance while being intolerant? I heard him saying that positive images and ideas need to be promoted instead of evil. So if a rapper talks about killing and drugs, they are wrong. If a rapper talks about teaching kids positive things like family and marriage, he is also wrong.

Last we listen to Farrakhan talk about being beautifully covered. This fits perfectly in with Waka’s wishes for the media. Women, beautifully cover yourselves.