If It Can’t Go In You, I Will Put It On Your Back #TNNS105

If It Can’t Go In You, I Will Put It On Your Back #TNNS105 with O Dubb

  • Jaye Smooth wants only the best for his kids
  • Too much masturbation
  • Unbiased ejaculation
  • Kissing (bleeping) cousins

Jaye Smooth went to a football game at a rural Atlanta High School. This school hosted a friday night scrimmage for the Atlanta Falcons NFL team. He noticed that the rural school spent far more money on things than the urban schools could not. He is vowing to send his daughter to this type of school so that she can find a decent pro ball player to marry.

Next Jamie Mack brings up phallic symbols and the possibility of phallically pleasing yourself. He wants to know is there such a thing as pleasing yourself too much. O Dubb decides to take us down the rabbit hole, as usual. He doesn't believe that you can have a successful relationship and continually please yourself. And he remembers feeling depressed about the whole process.

Jaye Smooth remembers being addicted at one point in his life. This hurt his sexual relationships. He then talks about using a dropper method to provide medicine to ladies. Trust me I shouldn’t explain more than that. But in the end this results in the woman having something wet on her back.

Last we discuss another installment of Drama From A Follower. Cousins have been kissing and having sex. But this time she is pregnant. The family will not approve. This woman wants to know what people think about her situation and how should she approach the fact that she is in love. The man (cousin) is not feeling the attention it will get. What Should she do?