There Are No Advantages In Pretending To Be Black #TNNS90

There Are No Advantages In Pretending To Be Black #TNNS90 with guests Mary Jane and Ebony

  • Anally probed at doctor visits
  • Rachel Dolezal
  • Media picks the worst possible people to be on the news

 Jamie Mack starts the show off talking about being anally probed at his latest doctors appointment. He is not sure if he got two fingers or one. He tried to numb himself to the experience. But oddly enough he is most upset because his doctor gave him no eye contact after the deed was done.

 Next we discuss  Rachel Dolezal and her attempt to become a black woman. How far are we going to take this? What does everyone want to happen next? How far does this go? Hasn’t she done a lot for black people? Maybe she is just crazy.

 Last we discuss why the media always puts the worst representative of black people on the news. The Jackson, Mississippi native with the green hair and the weird lashes shows us just why it is important to get an education. We venture into women having gay friends and why this is acceptable.