Fighting Naked #TNNS76

Fighting Naked #TNNS76 with guest, Rose

I start the show off talking about the idea that women are the cause of young black men growing up being confused and potentially ruined. Our guest Rose, denies this completely and then shows exactly why some people feel this way. 

Just a little background on Rose. She is one of Jaye Smooth’s exes from about 10 years ago. So you already know… His lies will not be allowed on this show. Each segment is painful for Jaye because she is on top of each one.

We then move to sleeping with a homeboys ex girlfriend. Is there a problem with this? What about you sleeping with two women that know each other? Since we are living in New Babylon, does any of it matter?

Next Jaye Smooth wants to discuss naked wrestling with men. Did I mention that he wants the naked wrestler to have a hard on? Jaye Smooth gets frustrated because he isn't understood. Thus is life, Jaye Smooth.

Finally we talk about whether or not it is okay to allow your significant other to hang out with an ex significant other. Is this pushing the limits? What type of relationship should you be allowed to have with an ex? Funny enough, we discover that many people still keep the contact info for past relationships in their phone even once starting another relationship.

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