Drunk Is No Excuse…Because Sex Makes You Sober #TNNS75

Drunk Is No Excuse…Because Sex Makes You Sober #TNNS75

We start the show off with some Would you rather questions. The last one of these questions is life changing. Once you answer this, you cant ever go back!

First we discuss being married and having that one friend that is a wildcard. Is it okay to hang out with that friend even though he has no true barometer of what is appropriate in your life? Is it okay to live vicariously through him without harm to your relationship? What are the limits once you open this pandoras box?

Next we discuss hall passes and whether we would accept a hall pass from our woman. Jamie Mack is hell bent on having a purge of some kind. A week or two ago it was for crime. This time is sexual. Where do you fall on this topic? Can your man or woman get a hall pass? Would you accept one from your man or woman?

Next we discuss the brave new world. If your cell phone company was willing to give you completely free unlimited service in exchange you signing away all your data and info for sale to third party companies. This info would be anonymous but would be completely open for companies to buy to create sales profiles. Is this something you would agree to?