The Only Thing Better Than Kitty Is New Kitty #TNNS138

The Only Thing Better Than Kitty Is New Kitty #TNNS138

  • San Bernadino Conspiracy
  • New or Old Sex
  • Threshold for divorce

We discuss the San Bernadino shooting. Mack feels like it is a conspiracy to get everyone to go out and buy guns. You won't believe the reasoning he has for this.

Meanwhile in local prejudice, Mack agrees with Donald Trump to lock off the borders from all Muslims. Is that even relly possible? Jaye Smooth is comfortable with TSA sticking their hands wherever a little lube and a lot of pressure will get them.

We play a deadly would you rather. Death from cops or terrorists.

Next we take a listener question from Chake. Here is the exact topic suggestion as she tweeted it: When/if wife is fulfilling all intimate needs is it better than someone new after being wed a while??

I am assuming that the question she is asking is if a woman is holding down home, does a guy still want to go out and get a new woman.

Jaye Smooth feels like new is always better than old.

I don't actually believe people cheat because of external things. Cheating is an issue people have with themselves. The excuse is that it is someone else's fault. Mack just makes believe that his wife is a new woman every time. Jaye Smooth couldn't do something like that because of premature ejaculation.

I come to the realization that I often cheat on my wife with her sexual alter ego...OR at the very least, I already have a sister wife.

Either way, making sure you come to bed in new drawers and makeup is not going to keep a cheating man at home.

Lastly we discuss our threshold for leaving our women. How much is too much? What would push us past the point of irreconcilable differences?

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