Men Can Have A Uterus And Women Can Be President #TNNS137

Men Can Have A Uterus And Women Can Be President #TNNS137 with guest A.D.

  • Dudes with uteri
  • I am not catching what you have
  • New view for the N word

So men are going to carry babies? There is no calm to the storms of ridiculousness. Please list for me all of the applications where a man carrying a baby is necessary. I will wait. Nothing, huh? Science is awesome. You can do so many things with the new technology that has developed due to science. But this seems a little silly.

Jaye Smooth could have a uterus installed in him with no need for any movement of organs. And they can use the fat that they remove to enhance his backside and hips.

Does this increase the imbalance in the battle of the sexes? Does this throw off the way the world works or can we accept this with open arms?

Jaye Smooth battles A.D. in No Nonsense Trivia.

How sensitive are you to people with infectious diseases? Are you evolved enough to trust modern medicine and its claim that you can’t catch things from something as simple as touch? Jaye Smooth is an advocate for doing your homework and getting informed about communicable diseases.

Last we discuss our new view on the N word. Jamie Mack was asked what the N word means, by his pre teen son. Jamie Mack told him it was a person who does N word stuff. Great explanation, J Mack. It seems as though this word is very hard to define. You need to have an N Word Codex to completely understand it.

Is this word truly universal now? Should anyone be offended anymore? Doe intention make a difference? 

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