Jaye Smooth Is Healthy Because He Eats Turkey Bacon #TNNS144

Jaye Smooth Is Healthy Because He Eats Turkey Bacon #TNNS144 with Guest Mama Mack

  • Abnormal Christmas Weather
  • Jaye Smooth sucks at topics
  • Suicide bomber prank
  • If time were the only accpeted currency

We start off with the odd weather happening right now in the country. 72 degrees on Christmas means that the world is coming to an end. Well at least to Chicken Little aka Jamie Mack. Jaye Smooth takes us on a geographical lesson about the west coast. He then goes on to give us lessons for driving in heavy rain and trying to get fired.

Willie Wilson is running for president and we get Jaye Smooth to translate his campaign video.

Jaye Smooth offers his only topic for the show and it sucks. He wants to know if Mama Mack ever wanted to give him up for adoption or abort him. We talk about this for about 2.5 minutes and then it runs out of steam. We do the only thing we can….Give him hell about it.

We end up taking about open carry laws, Health food, turkey bacon vs pork bacon, Driving your dog to another neighborhood and dropping him off, and having a garden in the hood.

Next we talk about the prank video where the man is dressed as an arab and drops a duffle bag and runs away, Everyone in the videos runs for their life. Of course there is no bomb. We discuss whether or not we would run. I discover that black people are really scared.

Last we talk about your time being a currency. Are we living our lives to the fullest? If we were inserted into the movie, In Time, which character type would we become?


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