Merry Xmas - We Took The Christ Out Of Christmas #TNNS143

Merry Xmas - We Took The Christ Out Of Christmas #TNNS143

  • Keeping the Christ in Christmas
  • Steve Harvey Fumble
  • Alex Jones G-move on Rick Ross
  • Places to think

Merry Xmas from the No Nonsense Show! Jaye Smooth is mad at me for not saying Christmas. He still thinks of this holiday as a religious one. Never mind that lots of people are in debt now and will suffer for years, or at least the rest of this year to pay back the money spent. Nonetheless, Jaye Smooth wants to do it all in the name of The Lort.  

We discuss Steve Harvey and his fumble on stage for the Miss Universe competition. Although his apology and acceptance of the blame was classy, we all agree it could have been handled better. Was anybody else laughing at how long it took Colombia to take off that crown? To make matters worse Steve Harvey fires off a tweet full of inaccuracies. Columbia? Philippians?

We discuss Rick Ross and Alex Jones beef. Well it isn't much of a beef. Basically Rick Ross is a poisonous devil spawn that is plaguing black culture. Anyone care it disagree? Alex Jones pulls no punches and calls Ross several names that would be considered fighting words of they were face to face.  

Finally we wrap the show duscussing our favorite places to think. Multiple choice: toilet, car, shower, bed, or naked rock? 


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