China Brush And Throat Numb To Get The Party Started #TNNS140

China Brush And Throat Numb To Get The Party Started #TNNS140

  • American Doll is expensive
  • Break up celebration
  • Over the counter Viagra
  • Sexual smoke signals

First off Jaye Smooth is uncomfortable with his daughter’s new gift. American Doll is probably the most expensive doll to date. But they also have up-charges for things that real little girls get. Jaye Smooth thinks this is a ploy to get people used to their daughters having kids at an early age.

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Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about the first thing you do after a breakup. Getting a young girl? Going to the club? Getting drunk? Taking a trip? Just crying? How would you spend your first night as a free man?

Meanwhile if sex is your choice, do you get an over the counter Viagra to make sure you set the party off? If so, which one would you choose. Jaye Smooth tried something called China Brush and almost poisoned a woman. This and a combination of throat numb will get the party started.

Last we talk about giving your woman the signal for sexy time. If you have a problem getting your woman to catch the hint like I do, you need to hear this show. Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth give me pointers on sending the proper smoke signal.


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