Jaye Smooth Is Going To Prison With Razor Blades In His Anus #TNNS139

Jaye Smooth Is Going To Prison With Razor Blades In His Anus #TNNS139

  • Women Pressure men to marry
  • HIV or 10 Years in Prison
  • Child Support Pisses Jaye Smooth off

Netflix has a gang of new shows that are worthy of getting the subscription. I have a few reasons why I will not recommend Master Of None to Jaye Smooth. Obviously there are no car chases or bombs exploding in this series. I do, however, recommend that everyone else check out this series.

Next we discuss women pressuring men into just about every social ceremony including and up to marriage. Would guys ever get married if it weren’t for the pressure from women? Would we even brush our teeth?

Jaye Smooth is used to being pressured. He was proposed to by at least two women in his short time here on earth. This is all due to his excellent physique. 

Is it true that married men are more attractive than single guys? This couldn’t be true.

Next Mack wants to propose another “Would You Rather”. HIV or 10 years in prison? Jaye Smooth wants to get both because you know what he is going to get in prison…

What would you rather have? If I had to contract HIV, I would at least want to pick where i get it.

Last we present a drama from a follower from a guy who is upset because he has fallen behind on his child support payments after losing a job. He is now having to get a minimum wage job to maintain his payments and not got to jail. Jaye Smooth gets seriously passionate about this topic and curses out his baby mamma.

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