Too Much Estrogen For Podcasting #TNNS132

Too Much Estrogen For Podcasting #TNNS132 with guests Kit, C-Murda, Snowflake, and D

  • Estrogen in podcasting
  • dating women with kids
  • What men want
  • Grooming the pubes

We start the show off talking about how estrogen and podcasting do not mix well. My wife and I were planning on doing a Pillow Talk show, but her friend, sister, and her sister's boyfriend came in to join the show. So we went with it.

No Nonsense Trivia between sisters.

Next we talk about dating with kids. I believe it is a complete deal breaker if i don't have kids. Sorry to all of the women hoping to land that guy to love you and your kids. Not gonna happen.

Without noticing this turns into a conversation about what men really require in a relationship. Trust me it is simple.

We can't have an estrogen show without talking about penises. My wife wants to talk about balance in penis. She wants a zen peen to keep her centered. 

Last we talk about grooming pubic hair.