Until You’re Grown, I Will Pick Your Salvation #TNNS122

Until You’re Grown, I Will Pick Your Salvation #TNNS122 with guest O Dubb

  • Weekend events
  • Justice or Else
  • Forced religion

We start the show off talking about how busy this weekend ended up being. Between The BET Hip Hop Awards, The A3C Festival, Gay Pride, and the Million Man March (Justice Or Else). We discuss whether it is okay to celebrate gay pride if it is considered a sin in the bible. Would you celebrate Adulterer’s day? What about killer’s day?

We talk about the awful coverage of the event for those who couldn't travel to D.C. Then I look at youtube and see low numbers on views for each for each of the speeches.

Jaye Smooth introduces a new word to the show. He wants to teach us about being pansexual.

Next Jamie Mack and I battle it out in Jaye Smooth led trivia. It got a little better.

@Carolskyes calls in and submits the topic of whether or not is okay for parents to force their kids to be religious or choose their religion for them. How much say should any man have in another man’s salvation? 

We haven't argued like this in a while.