The Most Dangerous Thing In The World Is Va Jay Jay #TNNS53


You join in on a conversation already in progress. B Honest is playfully massaging his wife into a threesome with Rosario Dawson...If not Rosario, then Kerry Washington...If not that, then maybe we can work on a sister wife.  

Jaye smooth battled our guest Kit to see who wins the trivia segment. You will probably be surprised by the result. But only if you have never heard the show before. 

Back to the show, B Honest continues down the road of female to female comfort. Kit loudly denies interest but quietly admits that women are just naturally more comfortable with the idea of same sex relations. Whether or not this is something that is programmed into people from an early age or not, the truth is most men in a relationship are one Rosario Dawson away from a threesome.

Speaking of women, We tackle the idea of there ever being a female president of the Untied States. Most people feel like the question is  more along the lines of when, as opposed to if. Hillary Clinton is definitley going to run. The show doesn’t necessarily agree with this. As usual our one female guest is pitted against the male chauvinists of the show to stand up for all woman-kind. Worth mentioning is that Jaye Smooth thinks that black people are naturally able to take over something once they start doing it. Watch out presidency! Now that there has been a black president, look forward to feeling the way you felt when Tiger and Serena changed the world in their sport.

Last and certainly not least we discuss the most dangerous thing in the world. What do you think the most dangerous thing in the world is? What has unequivocal power? Whether you were thinking a thorned bush or nuclear meltdown, I am sure you will be entertained by the discussion we have.