Say Goodbye To The Bad Guy - Darren Sharper Takes Deal #NNS21

Can you believe Darren Sharper's A$$?? Is that not the craziest thing since Aaron Hernandez? I discuss the possible mental state of both and how the people around them are partially the blame. Is 9 years long enough for the things Sharper is accused of doing? I don't think so, and we'll see if it gets longer. Why is this even a Federal case? He should go to a State Penitentiary, and into Gen Pop!! No resort like Fed Jail!

March Madness is here and its Cinderella free unless you call that girl who snuck into the Ball by getting a HORRIBLE goal tending call. U.C.L.A. and the NCAA robbed SMU yet again. What did Larry Brown do to them?
I discuss my picks so far which have me the 85th percentile on I'm dominating in my Midwest and West brackets but East and South are killing me(go figure)

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