Love The Music, Learn The Business, Outsmart The Industry with Evita Kaigler #Rule007

Entertainment lawyer, educator, speaker, consultant, and visionary Evita Kaigler joins the show to discuss trust in an industry of distrust. Her love for the music and respect for the talent has garnered her a place at the table with the industry's top attorneys. Now she heads for new horizons as the author of Don't Forget The Music.

Don’t Forget About The Music: How To Build Your Foundation For Success in The Music Space

 This workbook is designed to help you build a foundation for your success in the music space by exploring 4 core areas: You, your Music, your Business, and your Brand. Our goal is to develop each area in a way that inspires, empowers, and further grows you, whether you’re an artist, songwriter, producer, music business entrepreneur, or someone who aspires to shape the music space in some other way.

This workbook contains:

– 6 Chapters

– 14 Written Exercises

– 40 Questions 
(including 8 word problems)

– 20 Music Business Insider Q&A Discussions

– 21 Group/Classroom Discussion questions & exercises

 Official Release: September 22, 2015!

Pre Order announcement coming soon!

The book to buy before All You need to know about the Music Business
— BJ
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